Join in on all the fun Cooking with The Maddy-Boo Crew! Look at all the fun and delicious stuff we have been cooking up!!

Check out the stories below in the image carousal to see what we have made and how it turned out!

As always if you try out something we have made, let us know how it turned out! 

Noodle Brains

Having Fun with Noodles!! We made Noodle brains. We think they look like zombie brains. We used two different types of noodles and a little food coloring to make this fun snack.

Rainbow Waffles

Sometimes breakfast can get boring….NOT with these fun rainbow waffles!!! Don’t tell anyone but our Dada makes the best Waffles ever!!!

Green Eggs and Ham

Is there really any other way to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s Birthday???

Thanksgiving Dinner

Maddy stealing a little bacon from the top of Mama’s famous 7 layer salad before Thanksgiving dinner. A good cook always has to try it before serving it…Right!?!?!

Waffle Sundae

Is it Breakfast or Desert? How about Breakfast Desert, the best of both worlds!!! YUMMMYYYYYY!!!!!

Craw fish Boil

Nothing like a Louisianian style craw-fish boil. Delicious!!!

Mystery Ice Cream Sundae’s

Pull a number out of a hat to decide the flavor of ice cream, and keep pulling numbers to find out what will land on your frozen treat! Mystery Sundaes!!!

Pizza Challenge

The world famous pizza challenge. Paper bags filled with mysterious items that should and should NOT be added to pizza. Make sure to check out the fun video of Maddy and Boo taking on this challenge!!

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